International Factor XIII Symposium

The announcement of IFXIIIS 2012


Dear Friends:

We are very glad that we can announce the annual International Factor XIII Symposium

in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on February 1, 2012, through the courtesy of Prof. Dr. med.

Wolfgang Korte, the president of the 56th GTH meeting (

As usual, we will stick to the “traditional” conditions offered by the president. That

includes waiver of registration for the participants who only join IFXIIIS.

Looking forward to meeting you in St. Gallen soon.

Best regards,

Chairs of International Factor XIII Symposium

Prof. Akitada Ichinose

Prof. Hans Kohler


The Annual International Factor XIII Symposium/Workshop in 2012 (chaired by Profs. A. Ichinose and H. Kohler)

“The Factor XIII (FXIII) World: Where the Transglutaminase with a Fabulous Variety of Functions Dominates”

09:45 to 12:45, February 1, 2012, Halle 9.1.2 (Plenarsaal), Olma Messen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

I. Introduction to the FXIII World: The Evolution and Functional Differentiation of Transglutaminases

by Akitada Ichinose (Univ. Yamagata, Japan)

II. Gene Expression and Differentiation: From Bone to Blood

Role of FXIII-A in maintenance of adult bone mass

by Mari Kaartinen (McGill Univ., Canada)

Factor XIII and bone marrow matrix environment in megakaryocyte development

by Alessandra Balduini (University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy & Tufts University, Boston, USA)

Platelet factor XIII gene expression in patients with atrial fibrillation. Correlation with arrhythmia and thromboembolic propensity (15 min)

by Waldemar E. Wysokinski (Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, MN)

What does FXIII do to platelets?

by Khalid Naseem (Hull York Medical School, UK)

Possible role of cellular FXIII of the bone marrow-derived cells during pregnancy

by Akitada Ichinose, Masayoshi Souri (Univ. Yamagata, Japan)

III. The Intersection of Coagulation, Fibrinolysis, and Immune Systems

The role of FXIII in pregnancy – only of clinical relevance in severe FXIII deficiency?

by Verena Schroeder, Hans P Kohler (Univ. Bern, Switzerland)

Capturing pathogens by factor XIII – a novel defense mechanism?

by Heiko Herwald (Lund Univ., Sweden)

Factor XIII B subunit, a Staphylococcus protein A binding protein

by Adrienne Kerényi, Krisztina Pénzes, Gizella Haramura, László Muszbek (Univ. Debrecen, Hungary)

The relationship between factor XIII and fibrinolysis

by Nicola J Mutch (Univ. Aberdeen, UK)

Simultaneous monitoring of FXIII activity and fibrin formation in vivo: Role of FXIII on the kinetics of thrombus formation

by Robert Ariens and Helen Philippou (Univ. Leeds, UK)

Identification of a Cryptic Binding site on Factor XIII A subunit for Fibrinogen α chain and its functional role in clot stabilisation

by Kerrie Smith, Peter Grant (Univ. Leeds, UK)


Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time: 09:45 – 12:45

Session No: WS03 International Workshop Factor XIII

Session title: The Factor XIII (FXIII) World: Where the Transglutaminase with a Fabulous Variety of Functions Dominates


Venue: St. Gallen / Schweiz Olma Messen St. Gallen, Spügenstrasse 12, 9008 St. Gallen / Switzerland


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (mailing address: